Technical Cooperation and Communication


FISHER DLC3100 Transmitter Head Installation and Configuration Training

On April 19, 2023, Emerson Process Control Co., Ltd. in the United States conducted in-depth communication and learning with our company regarding the installation, configuration, and on-site issues of the DLC3100 series of FISER displacer level transmitter. Relevant personnel from DDTOP’s technical department, customer service department, sales department, production and assembly department participated in this communication and training.

The ZTD intelligent displacer level transmitter produced by DDTOP Group is currently equipped with different specifications and models of level controllers such as DLC3010, DLC3100, DLT9010 (independently developed), 244LD, and other displacer level transmitter that are suitable for different working conditions.

Our company is the world’s largest OEM manufacturer of the DLC3000 series level controllers from FISHER, which are manufactured by FISHER’s original factory. Our company has accumulated rich experience in supporting manufacturing and maintenance for many years, ensuring that users can use this series of products safely and for a long time.

In the sales of displacer level transmitter for over thirty years, DDTOP not only occupies a large market share in the sales market, but also has its own exploration and breakthrough in the technical field. The independently developed DLT9010 series displacer level transmitter can be used under harsh working conditions such as high temperature and high pressure. After years of research and development and continuous technological improvement, the products have now reached the international advanced level, it is the main leading product for domestic instruments to replace imported instruments. At the same time, this product has also obtained multiple international authoritative certifications, obtaining functional safety SIL2 certification from BV Company in France, CE ATEX and CE PED explosion-proof certification from Rhineland Company in Germany. Displacer level transmitter has also won more than ten national patents and multiple excellent product awards in the domestic industry.

Building a brand with the heart of a craftsman has been the driving force behind our steadfast and stable operation of a brand for many years.