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If you want to realize your dreams in career, if you want to be part of the passionate team to build world-class safety automation control solutions, welcome to join us!

We have hard-working and professional colleagues. We have competitive wages and benefits. We have paid annual leave. We help people to reach their highest potential with learning programs and abundant career development opportunities. Welcome to join us!

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  • 01

    What is the difference among subsidiaries in DDTOP Group?

    Answer: DDTOP Group has subsidiaries such as Dandong Top Measurement and Control Engineering Technology Co., Ltd, Dandong Top Pump Co., Ltd , and DDTOP Research Institute. The subsidiaries provide different products serving a wide range of industries. For details, please refer to the corporate catalogue and our website. During the interview phase, we will also communicate with you in more detail.

  • 02

    Where are the company’s work locations? Can I choose my workplace freely?

    Answer: Our work locations are mainly in Dandong and Shenyang, and salespersons work in all parts of the country.
    The workplace address will be explained to you during recruitment phase, and the specific workplace address can also be checked on our official website.

  • 03

    Can the recruitment process be clarified? How many rounds of interview are needed?

    Answer: The recruitment process is divided into three parts: resume preliminary screening, telephone interview, and on-site interview. If the on-site interview is not convenient, we will arrange a video interview. Interviews content varies according to the nature of each job position. Some positions require one round, and some positions require two rounds. Human resources colleagues will contact you and coordinate interview arrangements.

  • 04

    Are there good career opportunities for fresh graduates to work in DDTOP Technology Center? What are the plans for college students in terms of career development?

    Answer: If you are highly motivated and have the ability to learn, we will provide you with experienced mentors and extensive training. The first stage of your career will be a rewarding and unforgettable one.

  • 05

    What is the career path for employees in DDTOP Technology Center? What is the basis for promotion?

    Answer: We have a very detailed performance review and promotion system, and promotion is mainly based on the performance and comprehensive ability of employees. A dual-channel career development channel is set up for each employee. One is the professional technology development channel, from elementary to intermediate, and advanced professional experts; the other is the management development channel, from individual contributor to basic management, middle management, and then senior management. We expect that through dual-channel development, each employee can exert their greatest power in their own field of expertise!

  • 06

    Can you introduce your company's wage and benefits policy?

    Answer: DDTOP provides all employees with competitive wages and full social insurances and benefits, weekends, paid annual leaves, annual travel, holiday gifts, etc. We will provide a competitive salary and benefits. The specific policy will be communicated with you in detail during the interview.

  • 07

    What kind of training does DDTOP Technology Center provide for fresh students?

    Answer: DDTOP Technology Center’s training system is very comprehensive, including systematic new-hire orientation training, job rotation training, E-learning online training, etc. There are trainings for different expert field. There are also ‘one-on-one tutors’ and ‘all staff mentor system". Every year, according to the company's talent development strategy, combined with the personal development of employees, a practical training plan is formulated to help employees continuously improve their skills.

  • 08

    Does your company have accommodation? How is the accommodation condition?

    Answer: We will provide accommodation for newly recruited college students. The accommodation environment will be slightly better than that of university dormitories. For details, we will communicate with you in detail by human resources personnel of each company during the interview.

  • 09

    How long is the probation period? If the performance is very outstanding during the probation period, can I become a regular employee in advance?

    Answer: The probation period will be 3~6 months according to different positions. Those who perform well in the probation period can become regular employees in advance. We encourage contracted students to go to the company for internship in advance, and the probation period will be shortened based on their performance during the internship period; for students who have performed very well, the probation period will no longer be set after the formal employment.

  • 10

    When to sign the labor contract? How long is the validity of the labor contract?

    Answer: During the probation period, a job assessment will be arranged within the first month. After the assessment is passed, the labor contract will be signed and the five insurances and one housing fund benefits will be paid. The labor contract is generally signed for 3 years.

  • 11

    If a tripartite agreement is signed, when will I come to work?

    Answer: When the offer is issued, we will give you the time range to come to work. For example, the registration time for undergraduates is from July to September in 2019; the registration time for graduate students is from April to June in 2019. After the tripartite agreement is signed, our human resources department will confirm the specific registration date with you in advance according to the time agreed by both parties.

  • 12

    After signing the agreement, if there is an emergency, what will happen if I cannot come to work?

    Answer: The less such emergencies, the better. If there is such a case, it will be operated according to the agreement.

  • 13

    Can the company take over the personnel files? Can the household registration be transferred to Dandong? How to transfer the party member relations?

    Answer: Personnel files, household registration and party member relations can all be transferred to the location of the company. Specifically, our human resources department will issue detailed documents to inform you how to operate after employment.