WUM Wireless Extension (Pair With All DDTOP Instruments)

WUM wireless extension (pair with all DDTOP instruments) is a wireless communication extension module for all remote products of Dandong Top Electronics Instrument (Group) Co., Ltd.

WUM wireless extension (pair with all DDTOP instruments) integrates high-precision AD acquisition chip, low-power MCU processor and various optional wireless communication modes. Through the simple installation, the traditional communication of the object level meter products can be quickly extended to wireless communication.

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    1.It has the advantages of strong versatility, high sensitivity, convenient installation, safe and reliable communication.

    2.All instruments with remote transmission function can have this function.

Main Technical Parameters

Working Pressure: 24V DC

Accuracy: ±0.1%

Communication Mode: LoRa/NB-IOT/4G (Optional)

IP Rating: IP67

Ambient Temperature: -40℃~+70℃

Dimension: φ42mm*110mm

Enclosure Material: 304

Electrical Interface: M20×1.5(Male) or as request


It is applied to the field without DCS or other control of the situation and it can also achieve networking and configuration.


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