UTX Tuning Fork Level Controller

UTX tuning fork type level controller is suitable for high and low position detection of various level in tank or pipes. Products are widely used in chemical fiber industry, rubber industry, tire industry, cement industry, iron and steel industry, food factory, pharmaceutical factory, petrochemical plant, feed plant and other industries raw material / process / finished product barrel tank level control.

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    1.SPDT replay output, SSR MOSFET output.

    2.Wide voltage supply range 20~250 Vac/Vdc,50/60Hz.

    3.It doesn’t need to be calibrated frequently and it is simple to use and durable. High and low power failure protection makes it safe and reliable.

    4.The product can be adjusted according to different density of materials, fine materials are also available.

    5.It can be used to measure liquid, powder, particles and so on.

    6.Double insulation can reduce the damage to the circuit board for the environment where the temperature and humidity change greatly and easily condense water (UTX3 series)

    7.After installation, the device can be tested by the test button (UTX3 series)

    8.Output controller delay function (UTX3 series)

    9.A self-diagnostic mechanism to detect abnormalities such as wear and tear of the tuning fork probe or material adhesion. (UTX3 series)

    10.Built-in box-type junction box, small size to save installation space. (UTX3 series)

    11.The junction box can be rotated 270 degrees for easy adjustment of the direction of the wire inlet.

    12.The specific gravity of the material can be measured down to 0.01 g/cm3. (UTX3 series)

    13.Super-protection mechanism to set a second set of output contact point as alarm output (UTX3 series)

    14.The product can be used for underwater sediment detection (UTX35 series)

    15.One-piece design with 3/4″ nipples for small pipe installations (UTX38 series)

    16.Adjustment setting for different densities of mediaρ>0.5 g/cm3 or ρ>0.7 g/cm3 (UTX38 series)

    17.With controller delay setting function (UTX38 series)

    18.Depending on the customer’s preference, the warning light can be selected to follow the fail state or output state (UTX38 series).

    19.It is possible to calibrate the action point position of different density materials according to customer’s requirements (UTX38 series).

Main Technical Parameters

Flameproof type: UTX1740 type, UTX1741 type

Junction box material: aluminum baking paint

Probe construction: SUS304/SUS316/SUS316L

Mounting: 1″PT (as manufacturer)

Conduit: 1/2″NPT×2

Max. vertical load on rod: 177in.Lbs(20Nm)

Operating pressure: vacuum~600PSI (40bar)

Power supply: 20~250 Vac/Vdc,50/60Hz

Power consumption: 10VA

Ambient temperature: -20℃~70℃

Operating temperature

Signal output: Relay, SPDT, 3A/250Vac/28Vdc, 1 set or 2 sets

SSR(MOSFET) 400mA/60Vac/Vdc, 1 set or 2 sets

Min. material density sensed: solid ≥0.07g/cm³ liquid: ≥0.7g/cm³ viscosity: 1~10000 cSt

Time delay: 0.6 second/operate;1~3 second/reset

Vibrating frequency: 350~370Hz


Refining: Diesel fuel storage tanks, crude oil storage

Electricity: Boiler drainage tank, coal storage bin


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