TRG802X Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter

The latest generation of TRG802X series guided wave radar level transmitter is a two-wire 24VDC powered level transmitter, which adopts advanced microprocessor and unique echo processing technology.
TRG802X series guided wave radar level transmitter can be applied to various complex working conditions and applications. Whether it is a light hydrocarbon or water-based solution, it is suitable.

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    1.Multi-variable 2-wire system and 24VDC loop-powered level transmitter can be used to measure level, interface, volume or flow.

    2.The level measurement results are not affected by the change of medium properties.

    3.It is no need to calibrate by adjusting the actual level.

    4.Select the probe with function of “anti-overflow “, the true level to the process connection seal can be measured directly without special algorithm.

    5.4 buttons and graphical LCD display can easily observe the instrument configuration information and signal waveform diagram

    6.Use split structure, the electronic device can be replaced without opening the storage tank.

Main Technical Parameters

Measurement Range: 30m

Accuracy: ±5mm or 0.1%FS (whichever is greater)

Blind Zone: 100mm

Ambient Temperature: -40℃~70℃

Minimum Dielectric Constant: 1.9

Power Supply: (16~36)V DC (two wire)

Explosion-proof: Intrinsic Safety Ex ia IIC T1~T5/T6 Ga;Ex ia D 20 T85℃

Intrinsic Safety & flameproof compound type: Ex d ia [ia Ga]IIC T1~T5/T6 Gb;Ex tD A21 T100℃ /T85℃

Housing/IP Rating: Aluminum/IP67

Output Signal: 4~20mA

Resolution: 1mm

Type: Coaxial, double rods, single rod, double cables, single cable


Refining: diesel storage tank, catalyst vessel, catalytic crackers, catalytic strippers, catalytic reformers, acid-containing sedimentation tank, reflux reservoir, hydrocracking, hydrogenation desulfurization, coking unit, solvent extraction, alkylation storage tank, isomerization, crude oil storage, crude oil desalination, re-boilers, distillation tower.


Natural Gas: Separator, chemical injection, light hydrocarbon recovery, acid gas recovery, compressor waste liquid, compressor washing tower


Sewage Treatment: water storage tank, shunt tank level, plant water, filter tank level, lime slurry level


Crude Oil Treatment: crude oil dehydration, drilling fluid storage tank


Electricity: desalination tank, deaerator, power plant vapor drum, feed water heater, boiler sewage tank, condensate storage, condenser hot well, fuel oil storage, lubricating oil tank, flash tank, washing tank, waste heat boiler, pre-flash tank


Chemical Industry: desalted water tank, tank sealing, catalyst container, fermenter, chemical reactor, chemical industry vapor drum, chemical injection, buffer tank, stirring and mixing system, chlor-alkali process, condenser, vapor-liquid separation, lime slurry, liquid ammonia storage, liquid-liquid extraction, neutralization reaction


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