MTF C Series Purge Device

MTFC series purge device use micro metal pipe float flow meter and constant current valve to form a purge device, which realizes the steady output of flow measurement and pressure fluctuation.

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    1.Single, Double, Multiple (optional)
    2.Single instrument installation, panel installation (optional)
    3.NPT1/4、 jacket, thread, flange connection (optional)
    4.4. 6 mm、8mm、10mm、12-25mm pipeline (optional)
    5.It is applicable to corrosive medium or environment
    6.Optional mechanical and digital display
    7.It can be used when there is pressure fluctuation

Main Technical Parameters

Main Parameters

Output Signal: Two-wire 4~20 mADC current output and load HART protocol communication

Flange Standard: HG/T20592、HG/T20615 DN15 1.6MPa or on request

Power Supply Inlet: M12×1.5(Female Thread) or on request

Max Medium Pressure: ≤69MPa

Accuracy: Standard Type: 4.0 Special Type: 2.5

Turndown: 10:1

Medium Temperature: -40℃≤T≤300℃

Ambient Temperature: -25℃≤T≤70℃

Explosion-proof Type: Ex iaⅡ C T4

IP Rating: IP65
Measurement Range

Water: 0.3 L/H~120L/H(20℃)

Air: 1.2 L/H~3600L/H(0.1013MPa, 20℃)

Suitable Medium Viscosity: η<5mPa.s


Refining: Catalytic Reforming, Acid-Containing Sedimentation Tank

Natural Gas: Sulfur Recovery, Light Hydrocarbon Recovery


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