LGY Compact Orifice Plate Flow Meter

LGY compact orifice plate flow meter is composed of flow element, differential pressure transmitter, three-way manifold, temperature sensor and pressure sensor, which can measure liquid, gas, vapor and other medium.

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    1.LGY compact orifice plate flow meter has advantages of compact structure, simple installation and can save a lot of installation working time.

    2.All products are assembled in the factory to ensure accuracy stable and consistent.

    3.LGY compact orifice plate flow meter use imported differential pressure transmitter, the flow element implements the national standards and the actual measurement accuracy is determined by the standard flow inspection device.

    4.LGY compact orifice plate flow meter has temperature and pressure compensation algorithm to improve the measurement accuracy.

Main Technical Parameters

Nominal Diameter: 50~600 mm; Special Design: 15~50, 600~1000mm

Nominal Pressure: 42.0MPa

Medium Temperature: 150℃,450℃ (Only for split type)

Output Signal: 4~20mA+HART

Turndown: 10:1

Accuracy: ±1%

Explosion-proof Type: Ex iaⅡCT6; Ex dⅡBT4

IP Rating: IP66



Refining: Coking, Hydrogenation Desulfurization, Sulfur Recovery, Distillation Tower, Catalytic Stripping Tower.


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