GLCG Buffer/Barrier Fluid System

GLCG buffer/barrier fluid system is an automatic filling and anti-freezing liquid insulation device, the whole set of devices are made of stainless steel, the outlet pressure and flow rate of the device can be accurately adjusted, widely used in petroleum, chemical, light industry and other departments of instrument pressure pipeline filling isolation liquid.
GLCG buffer/barrier fluid system is mainly composed of isolation liquid storage tank, liquid level meter, filter, metering pump and various valves. The system is pressurized by metering pump to transport the isolation liquid in the tank to the process device, which plays the role of antifreeze and cleaning, and ensures the continuous and stable operation of the process device.

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    1.The complete set is made of stainless steel and it is very durable.

    2.The outlet pressure and flow rate can be accurately adjusted to better protect the smooth operation of the process equipment.

Main Technical Parameters

Outlet Pressure: 0~5MPa、0~8MPa、0~10MPa、0~16MPa

Outlet Flow Rate: 125L/h、160L/h、200L/h

Tank Capacity: 1.1m3

Motor Power: 2.2kW、4Kw

Power Supply: 380VAC 50Hz

System Material: 304


Refining: Catalytic Cracking


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