Industrial Internet Application Scenarios, Empowering DDTOP to Upgrade Intelligent Factories


At the 2021 Global Industrial Internet Conference, Liaoning Province released 1,453 industrial Internet application scenarios demanded by relevant enterprises, focusing on the needs of enterprises in design, production, logistics and services, Liaoning Province focused on promoting 20 types of typical application scenarios, and Liaoning Province set up RMB 2 billion of support funds to promote “Digital and Intelligent Province “construction, proposed to the digital workshop, intelligent factory construction.

In the recently released “Liaoning Province Industrial Internet Application Scene List”, two projects of DDTOP Group are listed in the list of 1453 projects, which provides strong support for enterprises to fully upgrade and complete intelligent factory transformation. As early as 2007, DDTOP has been a member of HART and FF international line field bus, the whole line of products field data link, support HART, FF, PROFIBUS protocol. Successfully upgraded on line the whole production process ERP system and MES system in 2019, and gradually two integration, to achieve “Intelligent Manufacturing”., which is to promote the enterprise to realize “Intelligent Factory” on the basis of “Intelligent Manufacturing”.


1. What is the Industrial Internet?
Industrial Internet is a new industrial ecology, key infrastructure and new application model for the deep integration of the new generation of information and communication technology and industrial economy. Through the comprehensive interconnection of people, machines and things, it realizes the comprehensive connection of the whole element, the whole industrial chain and the whole value chain, and will promote the formation of a new industrial production, manufacturing and service system.

2. What are the main application models of the Industrial Internet?
There are four main application modes of industrial Internet. First, intelligent production, through the deployment of comprehensive solutions for industrial Internet, to achieve all-round intelligent control and decision optimization of key equipment, production processes and factories, to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. Second, networked collaboration, through the industrial Internet integration of globally distributed design, production, supply chain and sales resources, the formation of collaborative design, crowdsourcing, collaborative manufacturing and a series of new models, new business models, can significantly reduce product development and manufacturing costs, shorten the product launch cycle. Third is the scale of customization, based on the industrial Internet to accurately access user needs, through the flexible organization of design, manufacturing resources and production processes to achieve low-cost conditions of mass customization. Fourth, service extension, relying on the industrial Internet to monitor the operational status of products in real time, and provide users with remote maintenance, fault prediction, performance optimization and a series of value-added services to promote the transformation of enterprises to achieve service.

3. What is the importance of developing industrial Internet to promote the digital transformation of the real economy?
First, it provides new general infrastructure support. The Industrial Internet is highly permeable and can be used not only in the industrial field, but also integrated with various fields of the real economy such as energy, transportation, agriculture and medical care, providing essential network connections and computing processing platforms for the digital transformation and upgrading of various industries, and accelerating the digitalization process in various fields of the real economy. Second, it provides new momentum for development. Industrial Internet can promote the optimal allocation of various resource elements and close collaboration of the industrial chain, help the real industry to innovate product and service research and development models, optimize the production and manufacturing process, continuously generate new models and new business models, extend the industrial value chain, and promote the flourishing of new dynamic energy. Third, to accelerate the construction of a new industrial system to match. The industrial Internet will promote the rebuilding of traditional industrial manufacturing and service systems, accelerate the formation of new industrial systems based on networks, data as key resources, and intelligent production and services as distinctive features, and drive the sharing economy, platform economy, big data analysis, supply chain finance, etc. to expand at a faster pace, in a wider scope and at a deeper level.

4. What is an industrial Internet network and what does it do?
Industrial Internet network is the support foundation for industrial system interconnection and industrial data transmission and exchange, which is formed on the basis of the existing Internet through technological evolution and upgrading and overlaying new private networks, including intra-enterprise network and extra-enterprise network. Among them, the intra-enterprise network realizes the extensive interconnection of production factors such as machines, items, production lines, information management systems and people in factories; the extra-enterprise network realizes the extensive interconnection of production enterprises and the whole industrial chain such as intelligent products, users, supply chains and collaborating enterprises. The main role of the industrial Internet network is to realize the ubiquitous network interconnection of people, machines, workshops, enterprises and other subjects as well as various links of the industrial chain such as design, R&D, production, management and service, promote the collection and exchange of industrial data, integration and processing, modeling and analysis and feedback execution, provide the realization of new production and service modes such as large-scale individualized customization, network collaborative manufacturing, service-oriented manufacturing and intelligent production It provides powerful basic support for the realization of new production and service methods such as large-scale personalized customization, network collaborative manufacturing, service-oriented manufacturing and intelligent production, promotes the global optimization of manufacturing resources and industrial system, and accelerates the change of innovation methods, production modes, organizational forms and business paradigms.

5. What are the main paths of industrial Internet application?
From the application path of China’s industrial Internet, three major paths have basically been formed. The first is the productivity improvement for the internal enterprise, that is, the use of industrial Internet to open up equipment, production lines, production and operation systems, through connection and data intelligence, improve productivity and product quality, reduce energy and resource consumption, and create a smart factory. The second is to enhance the value chain outside the enterprise, that is, to use the industrial Internet to open up the internal and external industrial and value chains of the enterprise, to enhance the synergy ability through connectivity and data intelligence, to achieve product, production and service innovation, to promote business and business model transformation, and to enhance the value creation ability of the enterprise. Third, the platform operation for open ecology, that is, the use of industrial Internet platform convergence of enterprises, products, production capacity, users and other industrial chain resources, through connection and data intelligence to achieve optimal allocation of resources, to promote the optimization of production and operation of the platform-related enterprises and business innovation, to create an industrial ecosystem and platform economy for third parties.

Manufacturing is strong, science and technology is prosperous, DDTOP still needs to work hard and focus on its own development, now it has stepped into 30 years of development, DDTOP Group will still not forget the original intention and forge ahead!